(VIDEO) Uncle Ice Cream: A centenarian ice-cream vendor

An old man with a hunched back and a tiny figure lean over a cart to take popsicles out for his customers in Shek Kip Mei. Meet Wong Kwong, the city’s one and only centenarian ice cream vendor.

Mr. Wong, best known as Uncle Ice-cream, 102, has sold snacks and frozen treats for more than 70 years.

Despite being over a hundred years old, Mr. Wong sells ice cream for 11 hours a day, braving heavy storms and sweltering sun.

Having spent a lifetime selling snacks, Mr. Wong has been to many parts of Hong Kong – Sham Shui Po Pier, Lai Yuen and old cinemas. While many of these places fail to stand the test of time, Mr. Wong is still standing strong, bringing happiness to nearby residents every day.

“The teachers (from nearby schools) say that I’m the best role model for their students.” he says.

When asked about how he maintains his longevity, Mr. Wong says working incessantly keeps him in high spirits.

“I’m still working because it has always been my job. It gives me satisfaction. At the same time, I can benefit nearby residents or students.”


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